The NEW Battle Snacks Battle Bites Glazed Sprinkled Donut Protein Bar

Battle Snacks have done it again! This new Battle Bites Glazed Sprinkled Donut is another great bar to add to the already amazing Battle Bites range. For those of you who know Battle Snacks, you will be well aware of their recently released Toasted Marshmallow flavour. We thought it couldn't get much better after that, but we were wrong. The new Glazed Sprinkled Donut flavour has surpassed our expectations here at Protein Parcel. Let's talk about this protein bar...

Straight away you are drawn to this protein bar with its dark purple glossy packaging and subtle but colourful flavour writing with donuts all around it.

 Battle Snacks Battle Bites Glazed Sprinkled Donut Protein Bar

As we open the packet we are immediately greeted with the first of the two delicious bites. With a similar look to the Battle Bites Birthday Cake flavour with sprinkles on top of what looks to be thick coating of icing. 

 Battle Snacks Battle Bites Glazed Sprinkled Donut Protein Bar

Now for the taste. if you have tried the Birthday Cake flavour then we can confirm that this does not taste like that! As you bite into the Battle Bites Glazed Sprinkled Donut, you are immediately greeted with that icing crunch that you get from a glazed donut. It's sweet but it crumbles and melts in the mouth, then follows a layer of sweetness which is hard to describe, it's pretty much the sweet taste you get from a pink glazed donut. Then we have the nogut type layer which is as always oh so soft... It has that donut batter taste which compliments all of the other flavours. The perfect combination of icing and flavour with that soft bake texture.

I repeat, Battle Snacks have done it again. It really is a great bar and we highly recommend that you try this yourselves. When a protein bar tastes this good you almost forget that it's a protein bar! If you want both bites then it's 220 calories, with a whopping 20g of protein and just 3g of sugar. 

How does it compare? It's got to be our new favourite, we didn't think that this could beat the Toasted Marshmallow flavour but it has. It's very close but it just about beats it. Maybe because its new and different or maybe because Battle Snacks just continue to improve bar after bar...

We are already looking forward to their next release. There has been a sneak peak of a limited edition Christmas bar which is a Winter Wonderland Irish Cream flavour. Sounds Strange, right? However it's interesting and exciting which is why these guys are one of the best brands in the game. We have no doubt that this flavour will taste amazing too and we can't wait for it!

We can't fault this bar here at Protein Parcel and we hope you can't either. These are now available to pick & mix here. Alternatively if you want to buy a whole box then you can grab one here

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